Ethical Fashion

Ethical Fashion covers many topics, starting with the way plants are grown, sheep are cared for, or polyester is spun as the source of the fabrics. To the pollution of dyes and usage of water to produce a simple t-shirt. To the unfair treatment of garment workers, the low wages they receive and the unsafe conditions they’re required to work in. And the pressure that we put on the system in the amount of clothing we “consume”.

Often missed, but equally important aspects include: the way we care for our clothing once we own it, and in how we discard of unwanted clothing.

You might hear the terms “slow fashion” or “sustainable fashion,” but those are just 2 parts of a very complex problem. Which is why we like to talk about Ethical Fashion.

It’s not simply a matter of buying less often, but from more expensive shops on the high-street or only choosing organic cotton t-shirts. There is a system-wide problem and we need to learn more in order to make informative decisions with lasting effect. Learn more about the entire process, and ways we can make a small change today!

Join us for 2x monthly mending drop-ins to extend the life of your garments!


Garment Workers



What We Can Do?

*materials thanks to Fashion Revolution * main image credit: Lauren Jong

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